3 Ways How to Clean Crust in the Bathroom

How to Clean Crust – Eliminating crust in ceramics in the bathroom is not an easy matter. It has been rubbed repeatedly, but the crust never goes away. There is a way to clean the crust in the bathroom which is quite effective and certainly will not waste your time just to rub the crust. Come on, check here how to clean the crust in the bathroom.

How to Clean Crust in the Bathroom

How to Clean Crust: Use Vinegar

Not only can you use it for cooking, but vinegar can also be used to clean the crust in the bathroom. Vinegar is famous for cleansing and removing crust in the bathroom easily. The trick is quite easy by spraying vinegar on the crust that has been doused with hot water before. Then rub and rinse thoroughly.

How to Clean Crust: Chlorine

Water disinfecting material in swimming pools is also famous as a material that can clean the crust in the bathroom. You only need to sprinkle chlorine on the part that is crusty and has been doused with hot water then rub the area with a brush and rinse thoroughly. Chlorine can also eliminate dullness in your shampoo.

How to Clean Crust: Citric Acid

One of the food ingredients especially for this cake also proved effective for cleaning the crust in the bathroom. You can use citric acid by sprinkling citric acid on the crust left after cleaning it with soap beforehand. Let stand for an hour and rub and rinse thoroughly. The guaranteed crust in the bathroom will disappear and repeat if there are still remnants of the crust.

Three ways to clean the crust in the bathroom above will be effective you do. All the crust will disappear and your bathroom will shine again.

How to Quickly Clean The Bedroom in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Clean The Bedroom

Clean the bedroom – A neat bedroom is everyone’s dream. Moreover, the room is a place to unwind from all activities every day. Too bad, sometimes the routine outside the house that makes us negligent in cleaning and does not know how to quickly clean the bedroom. Though a neat bedroom becomes a mirror for the people who occupy it.

Clean The Bedroom
Clean The Bedroom

Then, how is the condition of your bedroom now? Is it neat or still very messy? Do this fast way to clean the bedroom in less than 10 minutes!

Fast Way to Clean the Bedroom

1. Open All Curtains / Windows Existing

Open all existing blinds and windows. Light and fresh air will help you to be excited about cleaning the room. And with the help of light, every corner of the room will be visible and make it easier for you to clean it.

If you clean the room at night, just turn on the lights in the room. The lights that turn on will prevent you from drowsiness when cleaning your room at night.

2. Tidy up the Bed

The first thing you have to do is make the bed. Spruce up the bed creates a neater atmosphere in the room, besides that the work area when cleaning the room also feels more spacious. Move all items on the mattress to the other side of the room. Make sure the edge of the bedsheet is under the bed. Flatten the surface of the blanket and pat the pillow so that the dust is sticking away.

3. Clean All Trash

At least you must provide a trash can in the room. Even so, you still have to choose and look for rubbish lying on the table or under the mattress. In this process, you can also separate items that are still suitable for use but are rarely used. You can donate these items as a charity.

4. Trim All Clothes

When you want to travel, of course, confused about which clothes are suitable to wear, finally, you try all the clothes that are there and after that put the clothes scattered. Here, you must be able to distinguish between clothes that are clean and dirty. Fold all clothes that are still clean or hang in the closet. Put dirty clothes in the basket, then take it out of the room.

5. Put All Items in Their Places

You must have put accessories and other items in a mess after use. Take all the items and put them in their place. You can also make small boxes to tidy up the items and accessories. Tidy up all the drawers on the table, and clean the scattered papers. Choose which papers are valuable and which are not. Make sure the papers are also neatly arranged.

If you like to keep books or magazines in the room, arrange all the books and magazines in order. Stack from the largest to the smallest. Tidy up the bookshelves if you have them.

6. Clean All Dust

Take all the items on the table, chair, and cupboard. Clean all furniture from dust using a cloth. After that put the items back in their place.

Clean the dirt on the floor using a broom, and a floor mop so that the falling dust was gone.

The above example is a quick way to clean a room. Now you can clean the room and arrange the room as fast as possible.

How to Clean the Walls of the House Hit by Dirt

How To Clean The Walls

Clean the Walls – Over time, the walls in our homes will be full of dirt. But if you after cleaning it as a whole, of course, you will be surprised to see the walls of your house become brighter than before. Therefore, you should clean the walls of the house that gets stained regularly so it looks like new again.

How To Clean The Walls
How To Clean The Walls

As for how to clean the walls of the house that was hit by dirt there is its way. Well, we will review the following about how to clean the walls of the house that got dirt.

Clean The Walls That Are Not Padded

The wall of a house that is not painted does indeed have its way to clean it as follows.

  • Furniture in the room must be covered with carpet, newspaper, spray used and other bedding first so that the cleaning water does not pollute the furniture.
  • Remove items that are sticking or that are on the wall and clean the areas that have never been cleaned.
  • Clean the dust on the wall using a vacuum cleaner, brush or broom by doing vertical movements from top to bottom.
  • Clean the wall from the very top then gradually down to the bottom. That way, the top of the wall will dry first so that it is not exposed to stains or water droplets, there is a wall underneath.

Clean the Walls of the House with Layers

A painted house wall is also a way to clean it differently from a non-painted house wall as follows.

  • First, remove the dirt and stains that stick to the wall. Also, make sure that the cleaning product will not lift or fade the paint on the wall.
  • Usually painted walls clean it using warm water that has been mixed with soap. Or if you need a stronger water mixture then you can also add 240 ml of white vinegar to the warm water. Besides, vinegar water also will not leave marks. So you don’t need to bother rinsing the walls anymore.
  • For more thorough cleaning, prepare two buckets of water. One bucket for the cleaning mixture and the other for warm water. After 5 minutes the walls are cleaned using the water mixture then rinse with clean water. If the rinse water already looks dirty then replace it with a new one.
  • It is better not to use cleansers that contain alcohol which will risk damaging the walls of paint and leaving stains bright.
  • You can make your cleanser by using baking soda mixed with warm water. Next, wet a soft towel using the mixed water and rub it into the wall that has dirt. When finished, rinse with water and dry the wall using a towel.

Well, how to clean the walls hit by dirt above is a small step from your actions. although you have to provide energy and like the time to clean the walls of your home, of course, the results obtained will be more satisfying.

Bathroom and Bedroom Combined With An Innovative Fireplace

Bathroom and Bedroom with Fireplace

Bathroom and bedroom with fireplace – With his kiimoto fireplace, master craftsman Thomas Widmer from Ostrach pursued the dream of combining cozy fireplace warmth with new, architectural ideas and making completely new interior designs possible. The kiimoto was therefore designed in such a way that it does justice to open spaces and fits perfectly into a wide variety of room structures. An absolute highlight is an open bedroom, which is linked to the bathroom via the kiimoto and creates a very special atmosphere.

Bathroom and Bedroom with Fireplace

In this bedroom, you can not only relax comfortably in bed but also take a tingling bubble bath and enjoy the view of the pounding open fire. This special combination is made possible by the kiimoto fireplace, which was specially designed for open spaces and not only meets the highest demands on modern living in terms of design but also in terms of functionality. Thanks to the fireplace, this bedroom has a very special atmosphere and is the perfect retreat for couples, but also a luxurious guest room.

Bathroom and Bedroom with Fireplace
Bathroom and Bedroom with Fireplace

Mastercraftsman Thomas Widmer explains that the experts from kiimoto worked closely with bathroom designers for this innovative concept. The result is a fireplace with which you can not only heat the room but also the water in the entire house, including the bathwater.

In combination with a photovoltaic system, the fireplace’s sophisticated storage technology can even completely replace conventional heating.

Fireplace with Innovative Heating Technology

The prototype of the kiimoto fireplace, which is characterized by a sophisticated storage technology that uses the otherwise unused smoke to generate heat, was developed in-house by kiimoto. The result is a chimney that offers alternative sources of heat and at the same time rarely needs to be heated. This makes it particularly interesting for all those who are committed to ecological building and sustainable living.

Use the Fireplace as a Room Divider

Not only can two rooms be effectively divided with the kiimoto, the fireplace can also give larger rooms more structure and become a breathtaking eye-catcher. Open living spaces in particular, which comprise several functional areas, benefit from such a room divider and are made cozier. Another advantage is that the fireplace can be seen from both sides and can be admired from the kitchen as well as from the living room or dining room.

Fireplaces for Every Room Size

Thanks to the flexible design, the kiimoto is an exciting option for many rooms and can even be used as a fireplace for the winter garden. With the kiimoto, there is also the option of installing the fireplace so that it can be viewed from two separate rooms. An innovative solution that quickly turns ordinary living spaces into the absolute dream house.

Building A House: 3+ Tips on How You Can Save Cash

Building A House

Building A House – Homeownership can quickly become a very costly affair. It pays to calculate realistically from the start, so as not to be surprised by a cost explosion. go ahead with the planning with your architect, your real estate agent and your bank advisor honestly and realistically.

Building A House
Building A House

Tips Save Money When Building A House

In general, there are a few tips you can take to save money when building a house.

It starts with the search for a suitable property. The building plots in the city center (especially in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, etc.) are rare on the one hand and very expensive on the other. It is often difficult or even impossible to acquire a suitable building plot since there are usually various competitors. It is not uncommon for the property to be awarded to the highest bidder. Instead, look around in catchment areas. These are still close enough to the city to be reached by car, bicycle or public transport and are usually cheaper.

Building A House Architecture
Building A House Architecture

Compares the offers and conditions of banks about lending. The conditions can vary depending on the bank. It doesn’t accept the first best offer but poses compare to find the best deal for you personally.

It also compares the offers of various building contractors with one another, making sure that construction is sustainable and thorough. In this way, you can protect yourself against costs for repair work in the near future.

Build sustainably! The construction of solar systems can secure grants and benefits, for example. Furthermore, you will save cash in the future when using electricity.

When choosing floors, windows, doors, stairs, and walls, you should also choose good quality and timeless design if you want to have long friends with these elements. A timely renovation and modernization ultimately lead to new costs.

Make sure that the rooms and windows are well insulated to keep your electricity costs low.

When it comes to furnishing and designing bathrooms, numerous options can be found in every conceivable price segment. For you choose the standard that you can finance. If you have more budget available, it can of course also be an extravagant designer facility, while for smaller budgets there are also nice alternatives that look similar. On this website, you can find beautiful furniture and furnishing ideas for every budget. Even old furniture can be modernized with a little craftsmanship and still used.

Best Home Design Ideas with 4 Inspired Pics

Black and Brown Wooden Home Design Ideas

Best Home Design Ideas – Do you dream of having your own house? Wonderful, because there are countless great ideas and possibilities to plan and design your own four walls according to your personal and individual ideas. You will find valuable inspiration for various furnishing and architectural styles here, and a local architect will also be by your side to help you design your very own dream home.

Home Design Ideas Purple Flowers and White Concrete Building
Home Design Ideas Purple Flowers and White Concrete Building

No matter what budget is available to you personally, there are numerous options for every budget. The choice of the building plot, the building materials, the size of the property as well as the interior design and the garden can be individually adapted to your ideas and financial possibilities.

Yellow Concrete Home Design Ideas
Yellow Concrete Home Design Ideas

When building a house, it should be noted that not only the construction costs but also the maintenance costs play an important role. To speak directly with your architect right from the start of the running costs for electricity, water, and gas. The maintenance and care of the garden can also make a decisive contribution. If you have little time or have decided on a garden that requires intensive care, you may have to hire a gardener to take care of it, so that your garden always looks neat and you can enjoy it.

Lighted Beige Home Design Ideas
Lighted Beige Home Design Ideas

As part of the interior design, you can fully live out your style and taste. Do you like art? Shrill colors and prefer natural tones? Wood or stone? Modern or classic elements? No matter what you have in mind, almost everything can be realized. If you have no precise ideas yet, you can get inspiration from us.

Financing Your Home Design Ideas

The financing of your house must be well thought out and calculated. You will only receive a loan from your bank on attractive terms if you have sufficient equity. The good news is that money is cheaper than ever and you can get loans at very low-interest rates.

Black and Brown Wooden Home Design Ideas
Black and Brown Wooden Home Design Ideas

In any case, it is worthwhile to compare different financing models and options with one another in advance – for example with the help of this mortgage financing tool. In this way, you can go through some options in advance and find out the best providers for your situation. The best way to discuss the final details of mortgage lending, especially about the cost of your house, is to contact your bank to get an offer that is tailored to your needs, income and available capital.

Great The Dream of Owning a Home [2 Photos]

The Dream of Owning a Home

Dream of Owning a Home – Owning your property, whether it is a cozy terraced house in a new development, a detached single-family house with a large garden, a modern city apartment in a prime location, a spacious villa or an inviting holiday home is the dream of many people.

Home Real Estate

Financial freedom and old-age provision often play the greatest role in this context. Due to the high cost of a property, many builders are initially dependent on building finance.

Dream of Owning a Home: Designing Your Own Living Space

But the possibility of individually designing your own living space to express your own style of construction and furnishing is a decisive motivation for many builders to build their own house. In your own four walls, it is worth investing in kitchen and bathroom design and there are almost no limits to your design freedom. You can discuss the numerous design options with interior designers, interior designers, kitchen and bathroom planners and – if a garden is available – with a gardener or landscape architect.

The Dream of Owning a Home
The Dream of Owning a Home

Land prices and sales prices for existing houses and apartments are increasing, and the supply of beautiful living space is usually smaller than the demand. This is particularly the case in urban areas. If you are looking for your own dream home, you usually need a bit of perseverance to find exactly the property or dream property that fits your own budget. In the case of old buildings, the costs for a possible renovation or refurbishment of the entire house or partial areas must also be taken into account.

In the following, read through how you can design your own house and with one or the other tip you can save money when building a house. Thank you for reading the dream of owning a home.